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TEAM TEMPEST Airborne Communications - Data Link Management System

General information


Ref. 000264


Closing Date: 29/03/2019


Job Description


Design and development of a common Data Link Management System (DLMS) / communications server architecture, with which to integrate a future airborne avionics communications system.  


The DLMS will present to the avionics system a homogeneous communications environment regardless of which bearer the communications passes through. The DLMS is closely coupled to cryptos to permit red-black separation. Each of the communications bearers connected to the avionics system will require an interface adapter correctly manage the data. 


Key Role Attributes

Airborne Communication Systems | Requirements & Architecture | Design & Development | Protocols & Standards | 


What type of project will you be working on? 

  • Cutting-Edge: You will be part of 'Team Tempest' (announced at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow), developing state-of-the-art airborne electronic systems for the most advanced fighter aircraft ever to be made.
  • Innovative: You will be involved with novel product development and emerging technologies that have been supported by Leonardo's £200m annual investment in research and development.
  • Challenging: This project will push the boundaries of innovation, technology, and the ingenuity of our engineering community to bring about a step change in performance and capability of our airborne electronic systems.
  • Collaborative: Leonardo's participation in Team Tempest will involve UK-wide collaboration across multiple business areas including, Electronic Warfare, Radar Systems, and Communication Systems.
  • Customer-Focused: You will be supporting the future needs of the UK Royal Air Force and working closely with our customer will be vital to ensure that our solutions meet their future operational needs. 

What will this role provide you with? 

  • Prestige: You can be at the forefront of the provision of a truly significant UK defence programme; Tempest.
  • Influence: You will be able to apply your knowledge and experience to influence the next generation of sensor and communication systems for a next generation combat aircraft.
  • Teamwork: You will work alongside like-minded professional engineers in a highly collaborative environment.
  • Continuous Learning: You’ll be supported in your ongoing professional development though training and mentoring.
  • Connections: You will be joining an expansive team of around 7,000 people at six major sites across the UK.
  • Legacy: We are proud of our rich heritage in Electronic Warfare (EW); over 100 years of EW history. Today we’re providing the latest advances in radio frequency technology and you can be part of the next 100 year legacy.



Key Responsibility Areas

 What will you do? 

  • Lead a team of engineers tasked with performing feasibility studies and analysis to inform requirements.
  • Develop the DLMS technical solution and oversee the integration of communications bearers into the DLMS.
  • Determine the DLMS requirements and architecture, and own the system development and delivery.
  • Perform COTS / MOTS / STTE trade-off studies and analysis to inform later stages of development.
  • Provide robust test and verification plans for the established design.
  • Influencing requirements and design decisions and contributing to change review boards.
  • Develop reports and presentations for delivery to customers & industry partners.
  • Travel within the UK to meet with our customers and industry partners.



Skills, Qualifications & Knowledge Required

What key skills & experience is required?

  • Understanding of the operation of different bearer technologies required for digital communications.
  • Understanding of the different methods for data translation, encapsulation, compression & encryption.
  • Knowledge of IP/UDP & Stream protocols, (e.g STANAG 7085).
    Formulating requirements for red-black separation (supported by Information Assurance/Security SME).
  • Understanding of tactical data link models, particularly the TADIL J messaging protocol.
  • Understanding of network bridges/switches/gateways & security (wrt to the NATO IEG reference model).
  • Understanding of VPN & Tunneling principles.
  • Experience of communications systems modelling.
  • Understanding of VMF & MIL-C-6017.
  • Knowledge of UK/NATO data comms standards, procedures & systems.
  • Knowledge of the processes for the implementation of IP Cores for the functional blocks in a modem.
  • Knowledge of the impact of transmission latency & jitter on the scheduling of information from different sources.
  • Knowledge of the impact of fading onto the adaptation of carrier to mitigate the fading (adaptive rate, code & MODCOD methods).
  • Knowledge of the management of QOS marking in the control of the reliability of stream interface.
  • Minimum of undergraduate degree in Comms/Computer/Network Engineering (or equivalent).
  • Experience of working across the full the systems engineering lifecycle.
  • Ability to cope with a high degree of design complexity and significant levels of uncertainty.





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Contact information:

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